Killer attribution and analytics

  • for Ecommerce
  • for $95/month
  • to optimize ad spend
  • to maximize profit
  • to grow your sales
  • for Ecommerce

Welcome ECF members! Kendall offers the same first-party attribution as Rockerbox, Northbeam, and Triple Whale —all for just $95/month. Plus, enjoy a 3- month free trial with no annual contracts.

Currently using Triple Whale or Northbeam? We support their tracking parameters for seamless transition.

True 5 minute install and setup.


5 reasons why Kendall is better

Do you care about real-time data, longer tracking window, seamless integration with Shopify, and clear funnel breakdowns? Only Kendall gives you all these advantages.

Real-time intraday data

See your attribution update in real-time as your orders come in. No need to wait until tomorrow.

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6-month tracking window

If your customer's journey takes 6 months, you'll still be able to see every touchpoint from their first visit to the purchase. No more lost customer journeys.

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Faster page load

Kendall is optimized for Shopify stores for seamless data connectivity and simpler maintenance. Other apps can slow down your website with extraneous code.

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Precise marketing funnel breakdown

See which campaigns work best at each step: top, middle, or bottom of the funnel.

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All about new customer acquisition

See which campaigns help you get new customers the best.

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Built by experts in machine learning and Ecommerce

Our team has extensive experience in AI and big data from Google, Branch Metrics, and Wall Street. We initially developed Kendall to bolster our own DTC business, which has generated over $40 million in revenue in just five years.

Rishi Khaitan

Head of Tech

Product manager at Google and startup product exec. UC Berkeley and MIT.

Jackie Kim

Head of Design

Founder & CEO of Maelove, a DTC skincare brand.

Brad Yim

Head of AI

Hedge fund quant. UVA, MIT and Wharton.

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