Our Story

The story of Kendall begins with a store- a skincare company, Maelove, that Brad and Jackie started in 2018. As they embarked on the journey of growing Maelove, they realized pretty quickly that there were very few analytics tools that could tie together their advertising and sales data and provide the critical insights they needed to grow the business. The few tools they did find were overwhelmingly complex, ridiculously expensive and didn't seem well-suited to the challenges independent store owners really faced.

When Brad and Jackie spoke with other e-commerce operators, they found that everyone seemed to be facing the same analytics roadblocks - so they decided to do something about it. Together with Rishi and Karthik, they created Kendall.

We built Kendall to be what we ourselves would want for our own store - an attribution and analytics platform that's powerful enough to help us grow, easy enough to use for a small business without a large staff, and most importantly, was priced fairly.

Our Mission

To empower independent stores to succeed through intuitive, powerful, affordable analytics tools.

Our History


We start a DTC skincare company, Maelove, and quickly run into major analytics roadblocks when trying to grow the business.


When speaking with other store owners through the eCommerceFuel forum, we find that most other store owners are encountering similar analytics and attribution challenges to our own.


We start work on a powerful analytics product and begin using it internally to help us manage and grow our Maelove skincare business. This product will eventually become Kendall.


Kendall finally launches to external users, with the mission of empowering independent stores to succeed through intuitive, powerful, affordable analytics tools.

Our Team

Ralph Edwards
Brad Yim

CEO & Co-Founder

Darrell Steward
Rishi Khaitan

CTO & Co-Founder

Cameron Williamson
Jackie Kim

Head of Design & Co-Founder

Karthik Sridharan

CPO & Co-Founder