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The App That Lowers Your CAC

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We Know Kendall Works - We Use It For Our Own Store

The App That Lowers Your CAC

Get the same first-party attribution as Northbeam and Triple Whale for Shopify stores—all for a flat rate of $95/month, regardless of store size.

Get customized recommendations for your Shopify store every day — including which ads to cut/boost, which landing pages to improve, and lots more - all for a flat rate of $95/month, regardless of store size.

We started a skincare store on Shopify in 2018, and found that existing tools for improving our conversion rates, optimizing our ads, and monitoring KPIs were just bad.

So we built Kendall, and it helped us boostrap our store into an eight-figure-a-year business in just 4 years. Now, we're sharing Kendall with the rest of the Shopify community, so everyone can see how it can consistently lower your CAC and boost ROAS.

Convert more traffic. Cut out wasteful ads. Powered by proven first-party attribution - all for a flat rate of $95/month, regardless of store size.

Kendall helps you make marketing decisions without being overwhelmed

$95 / month
Flat rate regardless of store size
30 Days
Free trial
  • Get tailored recommendations on how to improve your store's performance and optimize your ad spend
  • Get alerted quickly about major ad performance and conversion events
  • Easily view all your ad spend data in one place, organized to help you make the best marketing decisions quickly
  • Know how your campaigns are actually performing, without having to blindly trust Google or Facebook

How It Works


Connect Your Store and Ads

Install the Kendall app in Shopify, and take five minutes to easily integrate your Facebook, Google, and other ad accounts.


Kendall Does Its Thing

We pull in your store’s sales, orders, and ads data and stitch them all together seamlessly.


Dive Into Your Store’s Performance

Use Kendall to monitor your store’s key metrics and campaigns, and get recommendations on how to improve your performance, profitability and growth.

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Finally, A Better Solution For Your Store

We don’t penalize your success

We don’t increase our price as your store grows in size - we simply celebrate your growth with you!

Kendall is built to adapt to your store’s growth trajectory - it helps you focus on the right metrics for whatever stage your business is in. It’s easy to use for even the smallest stores, and is powerful enough to help complex operators dig deeper if they so choose.

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Don't penalize success
$95 / month
$95 / month

Insights, not just numbers

We’re store operators, too, so we know that analytics is a means to an end. You need data to help you make actual business decisions.

Kendall never drowns you in a sea of data - instead we help you focus on the most critical metrics at any given time, and provide operational suggestions based on our years of e-commerce experience.

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Do you know your new customer ratio?

Over the years, we’ve developed a uniquely effective approach to optimizing store performance that is centered around breaking down sales and ad costs by new versus returning customers.

We’ve incorporated this knowledge into Kendall, making our product particularly helpful in determining which marketing campaigns you should double down on and which should be cut.

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New customer ratio

We use our own product

We originally built Kendall to help us grow our skincare business into an eight-figure sales engine, and we still use it every day as the operating system of that business.

As we’ve used Kendall, we’ve been able to fine-tune it to cater to what SMB store owners actually need. We’re part of your community, we encounter the same challenges, and that feeds directly into improving the Kendall experience.

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Use our own product

Constant intraday updates

Kendall monitors your sales and spend throughout the day, sending you alerts in case of significant drops or spikes. This proactive approach helps you react quickly to business-critical events without you having to be glued to your screen.

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Constant intraday updates

See how you stack up against similar stores

We've always found it extremely useful to compare our store's KPI performance with other stores in the industry. Unfortunately, finding quality benchmarking data often seems impossible.

At Kendall, we've madecomparing your store with industry benchmarks easier than it's ever been. You can quickly see where your store ranks across dozens of critical KPIs in real-time, giving you clear visibility into where you're doing great and where you could use improvement.

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Built by Store Owners, For Store Owners

In 2018, we started a skincare company. As we grew our store, we realized pretty quickly that there were very few analytics and attribution tools that could tie together our advertising and sales data and provide us the critical insights we needed to grow our business. The few that did exist simply were not affordable, and seemed overwhelmingly complex.

When other e-commerce operators told us they faced the same roadblocks, we decided to do something about it- and so we built an attribution and analytics platform that was powerful enough to help us grow, easy enough to use for a small business without a large staff, and most importantly, was priced fairly. We called our product Kendall, the analytics platform built by e-commerce operators for e-commerce operators.

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Our Users Love Us

Kendall is my go to app. I love the simple UI and the ease in which I can get to the data that is important to me.

Lily Jade
Lily Jade

Kendall has quickly become our most valuable data analysis tool and has really enabled us to make much quicker data driven decisions.

Annette Black
Simple Sugars

Kendall is just as effective as the more expensive incumbents in the market. Its user interface is so intuitive and straightforward that even my less technically inclined staff have found it easy to navigate.

Jerome Bell
Weyland Brain Nutrition

It acts as a great source of truth…the comprehensive KPI reporting is excellent and gives us the information we really need to navigate the ship smoothly.

Albert Flores

Game changer! Some apps show you numbers that look like hieroglyphics. Not Kendall. The KPI reporting [is] crystal clear and super detailed. It’s like it knows exactly what I need to see.

Albert Flores
Sonia Roselli Beauty

This is the best low-cost full-feature app you can get for all things analytics. It has improved our view of our numbers by so much.

Albert Flores
Dr. Woof Apparel

Excellent app and super straightforward to use. Not overbuilt, so very easy to access clear data on the efficacy of my campaigns.

Albert Flores

What sets Kendall apart, besides its lower pricing, is its simplicity and user-friendliness. It eliminates the unnecessary technical complexity often found in other platforms.

Albert Flores
Alerna Kidney Health

This app emerges as the superhero of data aggregation and reporting…helping me make sense of the sales, conversions, and performance chaos. It offers superior functionality at a more attractive price.

Albert Flores
Mécène Market

[The Kendall team] runs their own Shopify store, so they are in the trenches like we are...so this was built to solve problems for store owners, and not just folks trying to make a buck.

Albert Flores
Pop Colors

Kendall will change your life


Giving you back your time

Kendall crunches your numbers and takes care of those cumbersome data aggregation tasks, saving you hours every week that you can spend on other aspects of your business.


Making difficult things easy

In fact, in Kendall it’s just as easy to keep track of simple metrics like sales as it is to monitor metrics like ROAS and MER that cut across all your ad accounts and that stitch together your sales and advertising data.


Sifting through the noise

We designed Kendall to quickly focus your attention on the most critical data about your store, so you’re informed without being overwhelmed.

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